New "Classically Faded" Kit

Historically, Spoked Bikes has only offered cycling kits to it's elite teams members. Since 2013, our kits have stood out on group rides and in race pelotons thanks to amazing artists, and team members, like Matt Dale (designed 2013-2015) and Jon Simons (design for 2016). People have always asked where they can get one. A few have even asked to join the team just to rock the kit.

For 2017, we've switched from exclusive to inclusive. 

Introducing the "Classically Faded" kit. As the name states, we kept the design simple and classy. None of that walking billboard, logo smeared crap. The "Classically Faded" kit is simple - clean - dope. This kit won't make you sprint harder or climb faster, but it will make you feel fly as hell. 


For the 3rd year in a row, we're partnering with midwestern manufacturer Podiumwear. They import fabrics from Italy to Minneapolis where they print, cut, and assemble everything by hand. The Spoked Bikes Team has put these jerseys and shorts through hell. They've withstood crashes on pavement, spills in sand, and mud covered pileups. We guarantee this kit will last for years.

Sizing and Fit

To ensure your comfort while on the bike, we're offering the two different fit options. We're all shaped different and not everyone likes that skin tight racer fit. Each fit comes in a men's and women's version. 

The Bronze Level - relaxed club fit

Jersey $80 // Bib shorts $115

The Bronze jersey is a 100% Polyester lightweight knit that moves and stretches with the body, while providing moisture management. Ventoux Silver is our warp knit Nylon Spandex blend that yields high compression for muscle recovery and is the optimal weight for comfort and durability. 

The Silver Level - race fit

Jersey $100 // Bib shorts $140

The Silver Jersey is a 100% Polyester super lightweight knit that yields a soft feel next to the body, while providing breathability and moisture wicking through push/pull capillary action. The Silver bib features a high compression, race-oriented fit making it perfect for strenuous and demanding riding conditions. 

Sizing note: When in doubt, size down.


  • Pre-order ends April 9th at midnight.
  • All orders will be shipped to the shop for free
  • Estimated arrival is May 9th.  

James' 24 Hour Test Ride or "Why am I Mr. Pink?"

On January 14th our pals over at All-City released the new Mr. Pink road bike. We were lucky to be one of the few shops to have a few in stock on the day of the launch. All-City had been leaking little tid-bits for a few days leading up to the launch. Judging by the reaction on social media we knew the new Mr. Pink was going to be huge! 

As a shop owner, it can be hard to communicate how certain bikes ride. A 15 minute test ride around the block will give you a pretty good idea of fit and feel, but how it will handle on different road services, in varying weather conditions or up that long hill on your commute to work isn't easy to determine from inside the shop.

We've never had anyone come back from an All-City test ride unsatisfied but we thought, "What if you could test ride a bike for 24 hours? Then you'd really know, with all certainty, how a bike feels before you take it home." So we decided to run a contest allowing the lucky winner to own a brand new Mr. Pink for an entire day. 

James was the lucky winner and he was kind enough to write up a little review for everyone documenting his day in the life. Thanks James.  

-Spoked Matt

Why am I Mr. Pink?


Smooth, fast, beautiful, and practical. 

Ever since I saw the cherry red Mr. Pink on a shop floor in 2014, I have wanted one. Columbus steel, clearance for huge tires (32s - or some 35s!), fender mounts, and great style. Road, commuting, gravel - this is a bike that could take you a lot of places. I ended up buying a different All-City that day (Nature Boy) - and three others since then (Space Horse, Nature Boy Zona, and Log Lady) - but it had always stayed in my mind.

Fast forward to 2017. 

Over the last few years, All-City has been tweaking and improving their lineup, and the Mr. Pink is no exception. Gone are the PF30 bottom bracket, ten speed Shimano/FSA groupset, mixed cockpit components, and steel fork. The 2016 model introduced the BSA bottom bracket and Rival 22 group, and the latest iteration adds a matching Zipp cockpit and a slick Whisky carbon fork that was engineered specifically to match this bike. The complete build package is as nice as anything All-City has ever put together, and the Merckx Team Motorola-inspired paintjob is just killer. 

The ride. 

Spoked Bikes & Stuff raffled a 24-hour test ride as part of their 2017 Mr. Pink Release Party in January. As someone who has wanted one of these bikes for years, I jumped at the opportunity and was fortunate enough to win. The next weekend's forecast was unseasonable - sun all day, and temps in the mid-70s! I installed a saddle that I am familiar with, as well as a set of iSSi road pedals provided by Spoked, and met up with a couple of friends to hit the road. Over the next few hours, I ended up riding fifty six miles total, through road, gravel, grass, and dirt. The Mr. Pink took everything I threw at it like a champ. 


The carbon fork was an upgrade that I was a little skeptical about on paper. I have steel forks on most of my bikes, including my All-Citys. I like the way they look, and really like the way they ride - predictable and solid, but comfortable at the same time. That said, the combination of the Columbus Zona frame with the new Whisky carbon fork makes this bike. It's lighter, sure, so obviously it's going to climb better, but it really eats up the chatter you'll encounter on gravel and rough roads, and even riding on the stock 28c tires, I was as comfortable after a half century as I have ever been. The Rival 22 groupset was practically invisible, which is about as high of praise as I can offer a shift group, especially on a bike I had not ridden before. Never had to think about it, which made it easier to take in the scenery and environment. All-City even thoughtfully spec'ed a WiFli rear derailleur so that you can install an 11-32 cassette for steeper climbs. Add in a set of 32 or 35c tires, there really wouldn't be a limit to the "enduro gravel adventure all-road" rides that you can do. The off-the-rack Mr. Pink has become a legit choice to be one's 'only' road bike.

Now Accepting Trade-Ins

We are happy to announce our new trade-in program!! Since we opened our doors in December of 2014, we have been searching for the best way to handle trade-ins - a way that makes sense for the shop and for our customers. Our goals is to be able to give our customers top dollar for trades in order to put them on the saddle of their dream bike. 

After much research we have found it. Eureka!!!  In partnership with The Pro's Closet, we are launching the simplest way for you to trade in your current bike. And the best part is that it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Head over to the new trade-up page on our site.
  2. Enter your personal information
  3. Take 2 pictures of your bike - 1 of each side.
  4. Within 24 hours, one of the rad folks from The Pro's Closet will send you a voucher with the trade-up value
  5. Print the voucher and bring it into our shop with your bike
  6. Leave on a brand new shiny steed

Boom!! That's it. 

Gone [Ice] Fishin'

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen!!! 

We'd like to announce that we will be closed Thursday, February 19th through February Monday, Feb. 23rd to attend Frostbike, a trade show in Minneapolis, MN. It's not considered a vacation if you're going somewhere colder, right?

We'll be meeting with a lot of brands to check out all of the new bikes and gear that will be released this spring/summer and even some things that won't be out until 2016. These conferences allow us the opportunity to hand pick the products and companies we want to work with and these decisions are made by meeting the makers, physically touching and testing the products. I can tell you that our standards are high. 

Some shops sit in their back offices and look through catalogs placing orders based on colors or sheer profit margins. As a small business, we have to be aware of the numbers, but the way we see, we'd rather have a shop where our numbers are driven by our customer's trust and loyalty. The best way to accomplish this is to have a solid selection of products that you, as a smart customer, know will last you years.  

We appreciate you patience. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter to see what we see. 


A Blog is (Slowly) Born

This is first entry as Spoked Bikes & Stuff penetrates into the blogosphere.  The aim is for this to be an entertaining verbal landing pad for our adventures in bicycle shoppery- from new builds and products to stories and events around St Louis and the cycling universe.

This past Sunday, the mercury dipped well below my comfort zone, and, while heartier souls than I crushed gravel at the Rocheport Roubaix, it seemed that most of St Louis was recovering from its Mardi Gras revelry and/or its Valentine's Day arguments.

The Spoked Test Kitchen whirred to life with a new experimental delicacy... this one turned out heavy on the experiment and light on the delicacy.  But such is the price one pays in the quest for the latest in affordable pro fuel.  Through some serious scientific experimentation, I did conclude, that the Spotify ‘Yacht Rock’ playlist assists in the digestion of all manner of unsavory flavor combinations.  

The weekend’s forecast predicted (and rightly so) a fair bit of the white winter stuff.  We know that our customers are a resilient bunch so we waited with expertise, hot coffee, and the smooth mellow tones of 'What A Fool Believes.’

Our amazing customers with their stories and adventures never fail to disappoint.  Fakie Matt stops in for a cup and to chat about his upcoming airborne adventures to skate parks in Louisville and Austin.  Mr. Bell, a neighborhood favorite and horn player extraordinaire, rolls in with a common question amidst the aforementioned impending weather "Exactly how fat of tires can I fit on this bike?"  After prostrating before the deities governing road brake caliper clearance, the answer turned out to be 32c Kenda Happy Mediums.  With those and SKS X3 Mud flap another winter warrior is outfitted to slay the elements.

Another round of coffee and another friend.  This one coming from the Ill side to have a cup and pick up some Mad Alchemy embrocation.  I'm pretty sure I saw him lather up his face before stepping back outside.  Then, just as I thought there was going to be no one to rescue me from trying to write this post, one of the fine gents from the Wolfpack Hustle strolled in with a sweet steel steed and an achy knee.

We put his Raleigh Rush Hour in the stand and started evaluating position as well as, and this is one of my favorite things about a quality fit, his usage.  He was planning on using this bike for some track racing, but for now it saw most of its use as his bike messenger work bike.  With this in mind, we left room for a more aggressive position in a few months, but still found saddle issues as well as some suspect cleat position.  Our Wolfpacker enjoyed a beer while we put on some new (and better placed) cleats and talked seatposts and saddles.  Back in the trainer, we discussed breathing technique and some great off the bike stretches.  (Do as I say, not as I do.  I promise, this year I'll touch my toes.) He left with a happier knee and the promise that we can tweak the position if things don't clear up.

So that is how I spent my Sunday procrastinating on this post.  In the future I imagine my missives will be more focused, but I think this serves as a good introduction to the things we love about our young bike shop.  Enjoying new and old friends, making someone's day a little easier, and always always planning the next ride.

Come for the bikes and stay for the stuff.  Or the other way around.  It doesn't matter, we'll be here.