Of the 850+ bike related profiles we follow on Instagram, we noticed a certain hashtag popping up much earlier than usual. #crossiscoming. Industry wide, cyclocross is one of the most rapidly growing areas of cycling - more so than bike camping, gravel grinding and longer Gran Fondo style races, which have all seen a recent surge. (Check our Facebook and Events page for up to date info on our rides.)

But now, #crossishere and we're stoked!

Here are a few cyclocross bikes we have in stock.

 - The Fairdale Parser -

This is almost as simple and straight forward as a cyclocross bike gets. Steel frame, drop handlebars, knobby tires and cantilever brakes. It's a single speed with an added bonus - a second cog in the back. Riding on city streets then heading to the trails? Simply move the chain to the easier cog. 

Regularly $770

Now $690

 - The All-City Nature Boy Disc -

All-City is out of Minneapolis, MN and they know tough weather cycling which might be one of the reasons they equipped the Nature Boy Disc with disc brakes. The frame's appearance is inspired by the sturdy steel frames found in classic vintage bikes. It handles like figure skater and climbs like a wild mountain cougar. Right out of the gate, this race ready complete bike cuts no corners on the parts list. You won't need to upgrade anything. Confidence is key whether you're racing cyclocross, commuting in shabby conditions or heading out on a beer run.

Photo courtesy of The Radavist.

Photo courtesy of The Radavist.


 - The Fairdale Weekender Drop -

Looking for a wider range of gears? The Fairdale Weekender Drop takes the idea of a traditional geared bike and trims the complexity without losing focus on the end goal - a comfortable, dependable ride able to take on long rides as well as big climbs in all conditions. The most interesting thing about the Weekender Drop is the drivetrain (crankset, chainring, chain, cogs, shifters, etc.). It's single front chainring, instead of the traditional two or three, and 10 rear cogs perform the same functions but with half the traditional drivetrain components. The ease of shifting is controlled only by one hand and the added cogs in the back give you the same range as before. Simple, sturdy and dependable.