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SpokedSTL Velo Clinic

  • Penrose Park Velodrome 4200 N Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO, 63115 United States (map)
This program is open to all who have an interest in track racing. It is geared toward teaching how to ride or race, but there is a lot of room for those with some track experience to learn. You do not need too own a track bike, and rentals will be available. Each night can stand alone, but the more you attend the more you will grow.

April 25 - Simulated race night

  • Simulated night of 3 races


Track and Markings

Infield – The grass in the middle. Our track has a problem with thorns, so it is best for you to carry your bike on any grass.

Cote d’azure – Fancy french for Blue line. This is the out of bounds line for all races. Every once in awhile you may be forced down, but NEVER ever ride on it intentionally.

Measurement Line – White. For all time trials, the distances is measured based on this line

Sprinter’s Lane - All rules that refer to the sprinters lane are talking about the area between the Cote d’azure and the Sprinter’s line. This entire area is the sprinter’s lane. The lane is wide enough to fit two people, but the rules say that at times only one person is allowed in it.

Spriter’s Line - Red. The top of the sprinter’s lane.

Stayer’s Line - Also blue. In races this line doesn’t mean much. But it is very important during open track. Any warming up should be done above the Stayer’s Line. People will be sprinting hard, getting timed, etc. below the line. So the normal slow and medium pace warming up has to be done higher on the track to make things safe.


Elimination Races

Miss and Out - Each lap the person that crosses the line last is eliminated from the race and receives last place. The rest of the field takes another lap and the last rider is given the next slot, etc. Often times the last three racers compete against each other for the top placings.

Win and Out - After a small amount of laps the bell laps start. The winner of the lap is pulled from the event and give first place. The rest of the field does another lap, the winner of that lap receives second place, etc. The race continues until the last few who sprint for the final placings.

Win and In - Bell laps are spaced out evenly. The winner of each bell lap qualifies for the final sprint. They must stay on the track, but are not required to remain competitive. After the qualifier laps, the group competes in a short scratch style sprint.


Scoring Races

Points Race - There is a bell lap at set intervals there will be a sprint, usually every 5 or 10 laps. The top 4 racers receive points: 5, 4, 3, and 1. If a racer laps the field (the field is the main group as determined by the officials) they score points; if a racer gets lapped by the field they lose points. The standings are determined by the point total.

Point a Lap - The winner of each lap is awarded 1 point. The winner of the races is the one with the most points.

Tempo Race - Same as a Point a lap but points are scored by the first and second racers each lap: 2 points for first, 1 for second.

Snowball - Each lap the top two riders score point. But the points increase every lap. The first lap is 1,0; the second is 2,1; the third lap is 3,2; etc.


Straight Forward Races

Scratch - The standings come simply from the placing over the finish line after a certain number of laps.

Chariot - From a standing start, the racers run a one lap scratch race.

Unknown Distance - Similar to a scratch race; the placings come from the final lap finish. But the racers do not know when the final lap will be. The bell is rung and the racers have one lap to go.


Individual Start

Pursuit - Two riders start on opposite sides of the track and race over a set distance. It can be run as a contest against the other rider, or against the clock.

Team Pursuit - Same as the Pursuit, but raced one group against another.

Time Trial - An individual person rides as fast as they can alone on the track from a standing start.

Flying Time Trial - Same as a time trial, but done with the racer already moving, that than from standing. The Flying 200m is the most common flying time trial.


Rules and Etiquette


  • Bikes must have drop bars, with bar ends.
  • Must have a fixed gear drivetrain.
  • No brakes, derailleurs, or other parts attached to the bike during a race.
  • An approved helmet must be worn at all times while riding on the track.
  • For the SpokedSTL group trainings any bike is allowed, but we recommend a race legal bike. You must have a helmet.Riding
  • Hold a straight parallel path around the track.
  • Always pass to the right, also called “uptrack.”
  • Before moving uptrack ALWAYS look over your right shoulder. It lets you see what is happening, and lets people know your plans.
  • Use your voice to communicate what you are going to do.
  • Ride safe and predictably.
  • Hold your line through the finish, and turn one.Sprint- The sprint rules apply only on bell laps, after the 200m line.
  • If the leader goes into the sprint lane, they are required to stay in the lane until the finish of the race.
  • Anyone competing for the sprint cannot enter the sprint lane along the leader, or until they are clear of them in front.
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