The Gran Fondos are longer and more challenging rides. They range in distance anywhere from 50-100 miles and hold a steady pace averaging around 16mph.    

This is a no-drop ride. No one will be left behind. We ride as a group and take breaks whenever needed. Meet at Spoked Bikes & Stuff for a pre-ride coffee. The Gran Fondo will begin and end at the shop.

  • Do I need to sign up? Nope. Just show up at the shop ready to ride. Specifics on the times and dates are on our calendar
  • How long is the ride? 50-100 miles. The routes, distances and elevation profiles are posted one month in advance. 
  • How long will this take? 4-6 hours depending on the route, number of stops and environmental factors like weather, etc...
  • What type of bike do I need? For these longer rides, geared bikes are encouraged. Some people prefer the challenge of riding single speeds, but that is up to you. You know yourself and your abilities better than anyone else. 
  • Are helmets and lights required? Yes. We ride on a combination of textured roads and paths where potholes, cracks and road construction are not uncommon. As for lights, the sun goes down much earlier in the winter months so depending on how long the ride takes it may not be a bad idea. Just remember that you are responsible for your own safety. 
  • What else should I bring? You, your bike, a flat kit (spare tube, pump, multi-tool), some snacks, lots of water
  • I'm not very fast. Is this a race? Nope. This is a casual ride at a steady pace. We will be stopping as determined by the participants.