Reoccurring Rides

"Easy Like Sunday Morning" Shop Ride

Let's take it easy like Sunday mornings. The Spoked Bikes & Stuff Sunday ride embodies all of our favorite things - bikes, buds, coffee and good times. There are plenty of fast training rides out there, but we're more interested in the time spend in the saddle with friends. 

Monthly Gran Fondo

Our Gran Fondo rides have been a hit so we're gonna keep them rolling all year round. These longer rides vary anywhere from 60-90 miles and are geared more towards the intermediate riders. Just like our "Easy [Like] Sunday Morning" ride, the route changes each month.

Intermittent Rides

"Tour de Tent" Bike Camping Trips

Summertime is filled with all sorts of outdoor adventures - bike rides, camping trips, and sharing stories with friends around a campfire. Bicycles represent a freedom to explore the world on your own terms. Now pair that with spending the night under the stars and you're in heaven. Throughout the summer we lead bike camping trips of varying distance and duration. Some are supported, where we carry your gear for you, and some are more self reliant. All are a blast!

Check our calendar for dates and details.