We sell new and refurbished bicycles of all types. There are a lot of bicycle companies out there, so we take a lot of time carefully choosing manufacturers that offer the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. Our goal is to match your needs with a product that you can trust to last.

All new bike purchase receive free tune-ups for one year as well as a free Level I Fitting.

All of our clothing, accessories and soft goods are made to last by companies based in the US. We carry as many USA made products as possible.

Custom Builds

We want to build the right bike for you and this isn't limited to what we have in stock. There are thousands of frames, seats, wheels and the rest out there. Using our industry knowledge, we will help you find exactly what you need to build up that custom steed. 

This process starts by finding the frame that fits your needs. Once we establish our foundation, we'll start from the ground up researching what fits your provided technical and aesthetic specifications until it's just right. The final assembly will always be done by our expert mechanics but we'd love to have you lend a hand.

New Bicycles

Parts and Components