Bike Fitting


Level I - $40

This service is designed for everyone with a bicycle. The goal of this fitting is to improve your comfort and overall riding experience. This is an informative half hour session in which we assess your current set-up focusing specifically on the basics of seat height and overall body position. After this session you will leave with a better understanding of your current bicycle’s set-up and suggestions on how to improve any issues. These are documented in a custom form that you can take with you and which we also keep on file for your later reference.

This service is included in any new bicycle purchase.


Level II - $80

This fit is designed for those who spend multiple hours on their bike at a time. This is a hour long session. In addition to the basic fit adjustments, we evaluate cleat position, handlebar width and reach and the benefits and limitations of certain component choices.  This is a fantastic service to help increase efficiency and minimize discomfort. After this consultation you will leave with a comprehensive chart of your measurements as well as a follow up guarantee to address any questions or concerns following your fit.


All fits are by appointment only. 

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment and bring your riding apparel. This allows us to assess the bigger picture as well get the best measurements and feedback on your cycling performance.