Basic Bicycle Maintenance

This course covers the basics of bicycle repair. We'll run you through the parts of the bike, what they do and how to recognize when something isn't quite right. For the hands-on portion we will learn how to fix a flat.


Women's Bicycle Maintenance

It's no secret that the cycling industry is very male driven so our goal is to educate women on ways to make their experience more enjoyable. This class is taught entirely by women for women. A large portion of the class addresses women's specific products like saddles, clothing and even bicycles.


Bicycle Commuter Safety Class

Cycling the streets of St. Louis can be very intimidating and unpredictable at times. Cars wiz by and potholes appear out of nowhere. We've partnered with a few LCI Certified Instructors to create a class that breaks down the barriers that keep us from riding to work, the grocery store or the park.  


Women's Bicycle Safety Class

As a woman, riding in the streets comes with a handful of unique gender-related. challenges. This class is taught by women with the goal of providing a safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman to learn how to bicycle safely and confidently. 


"Bike Camping Basics"

One of the keys to a safe and successful bike camping trip is planning. We'll walk you through the basics of this process while touching on some tools and resources that will make your trip unforgettable. To make sure you have what you need, we will provide you with some take-home resources like checklists and product guides. 


"Yoga For Cyclists"

Cycling is great for strengthening quadriceps, calfs, glutes, and hamstrings but leaves many other groups untouched. Our yoga classes are intended to loosen up these overworked groups while building core stability and encouraging spinal alignment. A good yoga practice will keep you loose and less prone to injury. Let's face it, how many of us stretch before and after every ride?