Selle Royal Avenue Moderate Womens Saddle Dark Gray

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The Selle Royal Adult Avenue Moderate Bike Seat provides a more comfortable bike ride. The Avenue Bike Seat is best for a moderate riding position on a 60 degree angle. Engineered with open cell foam, tridimensional Royal Gel™ cover, and wide elastomer springs, the Avenue Bike Seat allows you to ride all day in comfort. With an integrated clip system, you can attach a bag or light to the rear of the saddle.

  • Designed for a moderate riding position on a 60 degree angle
  • Open cell foam construction provides elasticity and breathability
  • Royal Gel™ cover features a tridimensional gel design that reduces pressure points by 40%
  • Elastomer springs for a safe and silent non-deformable shock absorption
  • Integrated clip system allows you to easily attach saddle bag or light
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